Railway Bridges at Denver Union Station Uses Sprayed-in-Place Ballast Protection Board

Spray Applied Membrane - Integrated Ballast Mat - Denver Union StationThe spray applied Ballast Protection System is seamless, extremely durable and boasts many advantages over traditional sheet membranes.

DENVER, CO – February 2013 – The Denver Rapid Transit District has been using BDM spray applied waterproof coatings from Bridge Preservation, Inc. for many years.

Bridge Deck Membrane (BDM) is a spray applied membrane that significantly outperforms traditional sheet membranes in waterproofing performance, life cycle and durability. Spray applied membranes using Bridge Preservation, LLC’s BDM are seamless, making them much less susceptible to damage and leaking than welded sheet applied methods. BDM is perhaps the most durable and quickest to apply bridge deck waterproofing membrane available.

Bridge Preservation, LLC has now developed this fast-set coating and waterproofing technology into a superior new product that replaces traditional Ballast Protection Board. It’s called, Bridge Deck Integrated Ballast Mat, a liquid applied, multi layered, seamless ballast protection system.

The Bridge Deck Integrated Ballast MatTM was recently installed on 4,780 SF project in Denver Union Station that included two railway bridge decks. The system utilizes recycled rubber combined with Bridge Preservation’s waterproof membrane, creating an extremely durable waterproofing and ballast protection system. The minimum system thickness is 250 mils, but can be applied at various thickness on flat decks to create slope for water drainage.

The Improved Bridge Deck Integrated Ballast Mat has many advantages:

  • Completely seamless ballast protection system
  • Thinner, lower height profile: ¼ inch vs. 1 inch thick
  • Chemically bonds to spray applied waterproofing base coat
  • Provides increased dielectric properties
  • Provides additional waterproofing protection
  • Can be applied at various thickness to create slope on flat decks
  • Cost effective, similar to cost of conventional ballast protection board
  • Made in America

Spray applied membranes are also being used in the rail industry as protective coatings for concrete and metal railings, soil stabilization, waterproof tunnel liners, primary and secondary containment, and more.

About Bridge Preservation, LLC
Bridge Preservation specializes in the rail and highway markets. Bridge Preservation manufactures high performance membrane systems designed to permanently protect rail and highway structures. These rapid setting high build elastomeric systems are impervious to deicing chemicals, water, ballast, stray current and other factors that contribute to accelerated deterioration and wear of elevated structures.

Bridge Preservation products are manufactured and certified under ISO 9001: 2008. Quality assurance continues in the field with experienced field support from Bridge Preservation. All critical aspects of the project are reviewed, inspected and recorded to insure that each application meets the standards established by Bridge Preservation and the owner.

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